About GSR

At General Systems Research (GSR) we are dedicated to innovative technology development in order to meet with the energy challenges of current times. We bring together the best of the experts in the area, and conduct innovative R&D to move the energy and waste treatment sectors leading to commercialization.

We intend to advance the commercial distribution of our Biofuels technologies through licensing, and development of large scale projects with our industry partners. We grow the fastest growing plants on earth – microalgae for developing feedstock for biofuel manufacture, and utilize waste streams as nutrients for their growth.

We are also developing valued byproducts especially from the non-lipid algal remains. These may include fertilizer, nutritional & pharmaceutical products including skin and personal care, and animal feed (for aquaculture and livestock) while simultaneously treating wastewaters and reducing the environmental pollution and industrial emissions of flue gases/CO2.

Our database management solutions comprising of data collection, statistical analysis and data mining tools complements the innovative research in algal biofuel technology, ecology & environment

Innovation with Passion and integrity - We show our integrity by our actions and respect for society's values.

Sustainability - We support sustainability through our business strategies, processes, products and solutions for creating economic growth and value, improving the quality of life and our environmental performance.

Technology - We will advance the cutting edge technology for energy and environment.

Team - Our staff and our associates are the source of our ideas, actions and performance. We can best achieve our full potential in an environment of fairness and respect, self-fulfillment, teamwork and dedication to excellence.

Safety - Our priority of safety is based on our commitment to an injury-free work environment, individual self-worth and consideration for the well-being of other people.

Quality - Our constant goal of quality performance is based on understanding and the needs of complete supply chain.

Technology - Front and End Users work with our technology partners and customers in the spirit of long-term relationships.

Our Partners and Funders